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“For many years now, my focus has been to first work with you, the people I serve. Along with

our Governor, our local leaders, and my colleagues in the legislature on both sides of the aisle, I

want to make sure Tennessee remains a safe and prosperous place to live, work, and raise a




Senator Crowe serves as a member of the Senate Education Committee. He is focused on supporting the future of Tennessee, through our students. Rusty is committed to insuring that parents have control over what their children learn in public school; making sure our books and curriculum are age appropriate and that the teaching of inherently divisive concepts is prohibited. Senator Crowe supports legislation that will now require that we teach reading through phonics and a return to teaching cursive writing. If our kids can’t read they can’t learn. Our kids are our future and they need to learn the history and foundation of our nation, both the good and the bad, in an honest, accurate and properly balanced way. Our teachers have a very difficult job and deserve our respect and support.


Senator Crowe is responsible for Tennessee not having a state income tax; and has consistently supported our states balanced budget with no new taxes. A healthy rainy day balance and AAA bond rating have resulted in Tennessee being named not only the top state in fiscal responsibility but also one of the very lowest tax states as a percentage of personal income; known nationally as reliably fiscally conservative and responsible. 


Rusty Crowe serves as the Chairman of the Senate Health and Welfare Committee. Rusty has carried and passed legislation to improve the health care of Tennesseans through task forces, improved standards and quality, and more effective safety measures.  Senator Crowe is largely responsible for home and community based care; many of our elder abuse and human trafficking laws and recently co-sponsored legislation to end secret billing making sure that no patient receives a bill they were not aware they would receive.


The sanctity of life and protecting the unborn is an unwavering issue for Senator Crowe. He voted in favor of the Fetal Heartbeat Bill which is the most comprehensive pro-life legislation the state has ever passed.


Rusty Crowe has consistently fought for our second amendment rights and believes our constitution means what it means when it says “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”

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